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Why pyrethrins?

Australian Natural Pyrethrins are extracts from pyrethrum daisies – nature’s own protection against insect pests.

Sustainably grown right here in Australia, this 100% natural active works fast to eliminate problem insects, yet has low toxicity for us and our four-legged friends. Suitable for more sensitive uses including insect control in organic farming, the pest killing power of this special flower has been known for over 2000 years.

Look for Australian Natural Pyrethrins in insect spray aerosols and repellents, including automatic aerosols for continuous protection against pests; eco-sensitive home garden products for insect control in ornamental and edible gardening; head lice shampoos and treatments; and flea and tick control products for your family pet.

Simply look for the logo or check for ‘PYRETHRINS’ in the list of active constituents on the product label.

Australian Natural Pyrethrins. Nature’s defence against insect pests.