Insect control products contain both ‘active’ and ‘inert’ ingredients

Australian Natural Pyrethrins® is a 100% natural active ingredient with low mammalian toxicity1 extracted from Australian grown pyrethrum daisies. The role of insecticide active ingredients (syn. constituents) is to eliminate, control and repel insect pests.

Actives make insect control products work. Think of them as performing the same role as the engine in a car – powering the product.

Everything else contained in insect control products are ‘inert’ ingredients. They are ingredients that have zero insecticidal activity on their own, and include solvents, propellants, stabilisers, emulsifiers and fragrances.

Insecticide active ingredients differ in five key ways:

Toxicity level

How toxic the active ingredient is to humans and animals.

Residual life

How long the active ingredient remains in the environment.


How the active ingredient works to eliminate or repel insects.

Selective or non-selective

Whether the active ingredient works on all problem insects or only a select few.

Natural or synthetic

Whether the insecticide active ingredient is naturally extracted or man-made.

A naturally smarter choice

Quick facts on ‘natural’ insect control products