How we grow the Pyrethrum daisy

The pyrethrum daisy is sown from seed from late winter each year, then nurtured by Australian farmers for almost 18-months until the plants reach maturity, blooming in a blanket of white flowers to welcome in the Australian summer.

Once they’ve bloomed, the daisies are cut and left to dry in the Australian sun, before the 100% natural insecticide active ingredient is extracted from the flowers using a process that does not alter the natural make-up of the pyrethrins in any way, shape or form.

Sustainably grown in Australia

Meet some of our farmers

Hugo Avery

‘I just never knew the insecticide came from a daisy!’

Warren Langmaid

‘No farmer likes to use synthetic chemicals on his food crops.’

Peter Langmaid

‘Pyrethrum is a hardy crop and is not a heavy water user like potatoes, onions, or carrots.’