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How we grow

Australian Natural Pyrethrins are extracts from pyrethrum daisies – nature’s own protection against insect pests.

Sustainably grown right here in Australia, the main growing region for this special daisy is north-west Tasmania, where the pyrethrum plants thrive in the cool climate and pristine conditions.

The pyrethrum daisy is sown from seed in winter and nurtured by Australian farmers for almost 18-months until they reach maturity, blooming in a blanket of white flowers to welcome in the Australian summer.

Once they’ve bloomed, the daisies are cut and left to dry in the Australian sun, before the 100% natural ingredient is extracted using a process that does not alter the natural make-up of the pyrethrins in any way, shape, or form. 

Australian Natural Pyrethrins. Nature’s defence against insect pests.