Trusted pest control products containing Australian Natural Pyrethrins®

The power of the flower®

Our all-natural insecticide active ingredient works fast to eliminate pests from the home and garden. Sustainably extracted from Australian grown pyrethrum daisies, Australian Natural Pyrethrins® has low mammalian toxicity1 for us and our pets, unlike some chemical insecticides. And because it also breaks down in sunlight leaving no lasting pesticide residues, it is a natural choice for insect control in sensitive environments like edible gardening and organic farming and production.

Used in hundreds of pest control products worldwide

Look for Australian Natural Pyrethrins® in insect spray aerosols and repellents for personal use, including automatic aerosols for continuous protection against pests indoors and out; eco-sensitive home garden products for insect control in ornamental and edible gardening; head lice shampoos and treatments; and flea and tick control products for your family pet.