Yates Pyrethrum Insecticide

Controls a wide range of insect pests on vegetables, flowers and ornamentals.


  • Low toxic.
  • Based on the natural pyrethrum daisy extract.
  • Fast knockdown of pests.
  • No residues.
  • Child resistant cap.
  • Easy-to-use measure bottle

Pyrethrum & piperonyl butoxide

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What it treats

  • Aphids
  • Thrips
  • Whiteflies

Where to buy it

  • Bunnings
  • Nursery and garden centres

How to use it

Mix 20ml per litre of water, spray as insects appear and repeat at weekly intervals. Since it is not systemic, spraying underneath foliage is necessary.

Do not apply to young seedlings.
Do not apply to vegetables or fruit trees less than one day before harvest.

Ineffective if not sprayed under the foliage where insects occur, if incorrect dilution rates are used, or if rain follows shortly after spraying.

NOTE: Pyrethrin is decomposed by sunlight and has no residual effect.